Marriage and Divorce

It wasn’t so from the beginning, and it will not be at the end. (Polygamy – Second Covenant) but under modern conditions as God’s servant, I command you to go on to your home with your wives now. If you are happy with her live with her, but God be merciful to you if you do that again (that Marriage and divorced woman that was touched by another man).<br>

65-0221 Marriage and Divorce Pg. 49

One thought on “Marriage and Divorce

  1. angel says:

    the greatest man on the earth we love and appreciate him , where would we be without him , may god richly bless him and give him his hearts desire , he truly is a man after gods own heart and a pillar of hope and strength . thank you for your time and labour . you are the best Apostle . your words of wisdom is always remembered . thank you for always being there . god bless.

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