Apostle Roscoe`s 71st Birthday

The Crown of this House is Godliness …” is a statement synonymous to the many quotes one would hear in the Apostle`s services over the years.The Holy Ghost has been His driving force and inspiration from the day he received Christ, up until today. In honoring an Individual. Leader, Father, Grand-Father, Friend, Husband and Spiritual role model such as our Apostle, can seem daunting to put in word form.

We will however attempt to do so, by requesting all those whose lives has been impacted and continue to walk in his sphere of influence, to join with us and share your birthday wishes and blessings for Him in the comments box below.

Thank You and God Bless You.



"Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine."
1 Tim 5:17

56 thoughts on “Apostle Roscoe`s 71st Birthday

  1. Thapelo Mekwa says:

    To the greatest Man I know, a Leader, a Man of God and a Father, Apostle E.H.Roscoe may you have a blessed birthday and may God richly bless you. We are what we are because of this ministry, your teachings moulded and made us to who we are today. Words are not enough to express our thankful hearts but God knows, Thank You Apostle!
    From MaryAnn and Thapelo

    1. Thulani Shezi says:

      A blessed birthday to you my Apostle .We will never settle for less for we know there’s more that’s found in you.

      1. Sister ADELADE DINEO MAKOFANE says:

        Amen my brother. There is more that is found in Roscoe

  2. Thembi Raboko says:

    A blessed birthday to you God’s apostle,the most humble man I know.The greatest man on earth.A true living Legend.
    Since I first saw your face in message called The High Priest my life has never been the same.Your life has moulded mine in an amazing way.NOTHING I’d do or say would ever be enough to say THANK YOU for all that you’ve done and all that you are to me and my family. I’m forever grateful. And with that said we wish you good health and a happy birthday. May God keep you with us because I can’t imagine this life without you ❤☄️❤

    1. Tafirei says:

      Tafi and Mirriam we like to wish you a blessed day APOSTLE it is because of you we are what we are today ,Our life was a messy we were total lost you find us.Words fail us ,you made a great impact in our life .Shalom

  3. Wilmary says:

    Happy birthday to my Apostle!

  4. Priscilla Makhetha says:

    No gift or gesture can show the amount of Love and Respect we have for you. You were, you are, and you will always be the best Dad, Apostle and Leader ever. Happy blessed birthday Apostle EDGAR HILL ROSCOE❤

  5. Priscilla Makhetha says:

    May The Lord richly bless you my Apostle♥❤

  6. Magdeline says:

    To the great Jehovah, the king ruling our lives,the one who is sent for our souls words fail us when we look back at what you did for us ,we wish you a blessed birthday thank you for this day was made for us ,we see Grace n mercy on this day therefore we live for you .Thank you for the life lived for us. The Maluleke family

  7. Gideon says:

    Happy Birthday to the Apostle of GOD. Keeper of our souls. We surely do not fully understand the privilege we have of knowing Him as our Leader. Our families are blessed because of Him, our children are blessed because of Him. We have the Holy Ghost because of Him.

    Blessings upon Blessings upon Blessings to You our Father and Apostle.

  8. Karen says:

    Happy birthday to our precious Apostle Man of God may God bless you more and more. Have a blessed day we love you.

  9. Julian says:

    To God’s greatest. He saved the best for last. May there be no room to contain the blessings that God will bestow upon you today. As you walk and talk with Him may he be your strenght until the rapture. A very happy birthday

  10. BRO WESLEY says:

    God bless you Apostle of God, God bless the day I Found you, we deem this an Honour to wish you a very Happy Birthday, May you have a blessed day, May the Good Lord answer all your prayers and Grant you your Hearths desires, We love you God Man, you mean the World to us, the impact alone you have had in our lives is mind blowing, and we will cherish it forever.

    Thank you Apostle of God

  11. Jevan says:

    Happy Birthday God’s Apostle. You the greatest man We have ever met. Words can’t describe how much you mean to us. You worthy of double honour on this day. You gave us the gift of the Holy Ghost. There is nothing on this earth we could give you in return to match that.
    We love you with everything within in us and wish you a blessed day.
    Jevan, Lois, Eyal & Gabriel ❤️

  12. Llewelyn and Sylvia Kambule says:

    A blessed birthday to a very special God-man on this beautiful day!!Thank You Lord for yet another year!We owe You our lives, we are what we are all because of You Sir!!Truly we have seen God!

  13. Refiloe Mokhothu says:

    A blessed Birthday to my precious Apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe, We are who we today because of your stand with the Holy Ghost, May All Heaven’s blessings abide with you daily and may all Heaven’s strength be with you. As you celebrate your 71st Birthday, May the anointing that you posses never leave you but be stronger and stronger. I love and appreciate you my Apostle. Happy Birthday God Man. Thank you for the vision of the School because of it, today I can say I know GOD. Thank You Apostle EHR. Happy Birthday

  14. Mary-ann says:

    Happy birthday Apostle May the Lord grant you more time with us cause its your Stand that made us Your candle that still burning ours have a super super day!!!!

  15. Cave family says:

    Man of God – many happy returns, may God grant you more strenght and grace. We trust in your leadership and ask God to keep and bless you even the more.

  16. Ayanda Gwala says:

    A righteous man before us stands on the face of the earth. A hero in these lands. A Father and an angel in heart are you my Apostle. There’s no words to express my gratitude; even “thank you” isn’t enough. Gratitude my precious Apostlethank you for Pastor Juan.

  17. Owen Oliphant and family says:

    Happy Birthday man send from God.
    We appreciate you.

  18. Riaan Tellie says:

    Have a blessed, gracious year Man of God. We are hopeless without you. May the Holy One of Israel remain your companion in life. May God lead you more to lead us in the Glory Divine. Words fail us of how much we love and appreciate you and your family, and what you taught us over the years. The Tellie family.

  19. Natalie says:

    Happy Birthday to my Apostle
    May the good Lord bless and keep You.

    1. Lebo Tau says:

      A blessed and special birthday to my Apostle,the greatest man that ever lived on thee earth,an odd ball,thee high priest, a watch man on the tower,a God man,the keeper of my soul. Wishing you excellent health and may this day be full of special memories words aint enough to explain how much you truly mean to us daddy,we love you with everything within us and because you have stood for us we will also forever stand with and for you in good and bad times. I can never thank you enough for the christian Holy Ghost filled lady and wife you produced in me,you are indeed thee number 1

  20. lwazi says:

    Happy birthday my apostle may the the Lord be with you will see Many more..We love you and we thank you for you being in our lives

  21. Freda says:

    Happy birthday my Apostle…. you are mean to me a lot you teach me a lot since I am little girl until now you make my life better and relationship with God. I love you my dad… I appreciate you

  22. Selma says:

    Happy Birthday my Hero, My Apostle
    I pray the good Lord continue to give you victory over your enemies. They shall never succeed in their plot to lure you away from the path of life that you have chosen. And the whole congregation will continue to follow the light you have shown to us and made us to believe in. You are a blessing not only to us but to the coming generations. Have a great and wonderful birthday!

  23. tshepo says:

    To our Apostle, our father, our leader, our guide , to the man that give his life for us. We thank you for being such a blessing to us. And we thank God for sending you our way , today we pray that God gives you good health for our sake and to grant you your heart’s desires , may you have a wonderful day on your birthday. We love and appreciate you.

  24. Br Oils and Family says:

    It is very rare in history that someone’s life can be compared to that of Jesus Christ. Today, someone with this quality is having a birthday. Birthday Blessings to Apostle EH Roscoe who made the Bible and Spoken Word alive for us again. God Bless

  25. Jean James says:

    Happy Birthday to the greatest man that ever lived Jehovah ROSCOE keeper of our souls words fail us to express our gratitude towards you.Thank you for feeding our souls with spiritual food over these years and for guiding us .You alone has instilled the Holy Ghost in us!What you preached over the years has built so Many Token Homes .My family are blessed because of you, my children are blessed because of you, My grandchildren are blessed because of you. I’m a living testimony because of you. Thank you. May you be abundantly blessed on this special day,because you are an odd ball. The Anointed One for this generation. . Jean. Antoinette,Charlotte, Ravi and the grandchildren

  26. Boaz, Esther, Elihu & Jonathan. says:

    If the bible was written in this age; just like The book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, etc there would be a book called Edgar Hill Roscoe. Thee Greatest Man in this hour. The Apostle may Heaven shower thee with more added Blessings, we wholeheartedly Love and Appreciate You Kind Sir. We wish you a very Blessed, fun-filled Birthday.

  27. Melichia says:

    Happy Birthday Dad, my Rock, my Apostle. Surely I live because of your sacrifices. U saved my life, my family’s life. Thank You, thank You, my Intercessor. Love you too much and I wish you Rest and good health. Have a superb birthday in this momentous day. From your children Mugsien, Melichia and Beulah

  28. SIPHO MHLAMBI says:

    Blesseth are the pure in heart for they shall see God manifested in the flesh. They may not believe it. But we those who were in the conference knows who you are. We come from God and go back to God. We love you Apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe. The mention of your name gives shivers to the spines of the devil’s. May our Heavenly Father grant you more strength in the sixteen elements to soldier conquering and conquering by the spiritual sword of Charity which never fails! Happy birthday Man of God.

  29. Shaun says:

    To the keeper of my soul,wishing you wonderful blessed born day,you are THE BEST high priest EDGAR ROSCOE.i love you my King, Enjoy!!!

  30. Blessed, Phindile Magogo says:

    To a giant of the gospel,a warrior of Christ, our leader, a humble, loving,true Man of GOD.We say with much love and honor Happy birthday,May the Lord bless u,protect you ,keep you for our sake.

  31. Paulina,Lindiwe Mlambo and family says:

    Happy birthday GOD’s Apostle EHR We love to thank the LORD for remembering us 71 years ago to send you our way to prepare us for his coming.This is the day that heaven will not forget and the earth has rejoiced on the dawn of this day.
    May the LORD richly bless you and keep you and your family for us.
    We love and appreciate you.

  32. alfred sehloho says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish a GodMan a blessed birthday. It is such an honour to be under your leadership, may the good Lord continue to strengthen you for our sake. ‘In his name shall the gentiles trust’ God bless!!!

  33. Pastor Pieter and church from Richmond and Aberdeen says:

    I Greet You all in the unfailing name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST I Would just like to take this opportunity to wish our Daddy a blessed Happy birthday

    In this crucial hour we’re living in ,we need a Great Man and according to Isaiah 9;6 GOD give us a SON Isaiah 9;7 The increase of His government and peace there shall be no end . What a privilege we have to wish you a Happy birthday an MAY GOD Strengthen you day by day to lead us this way

  34. Draai family says:

    To the Man of God , our Apostle…. happy birthday Apostle thank you so much for everything you do for us, teaching us the right path and never deceiving us, it is an honour and a blessing to call us your church. for u have done nothing but take us on the right path, the young people see you as their role model, the old are proud of you and even respect and admire you and the children love you and acknowledge you , thank you so so much Apostle we wish you nothing but the best today and always…..

  35. Aldane and Malise Gous says:

    Happy Birthday Apostle EHR, thank you for being a God with skin on and for showing us true leadership. Thank you for making God real to us. We know you will see us through. Love and Appreciate you.

  36. Aurelia Adonis says:

    A blessed birthday to our God our Lord we are because you are, we can only thank God for sending us the best. May God continue to strengthen you. We love and appreciate you. Bro Kyle and Sis Aurelia

  37. Monique says:

    I would like to wish the man of God my Apostle my father,my help and my guide a happy birthday. May the Lord continue to bless you even the more and thank you for being such a great example and a blessing in our lives. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been where I am today. Words fail to express how greatful I am for you. Thank you thank you thank apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe. May you have a blessed day and enjoy it

  38. Br Lekhotla Malepanyana says:

    Would like to take this opportunity to wish God’s Apostle a happy & blessed birthday. Apostle words are not enough to be declare impact you have in our lives. I’m so grateful that you knew me, I’m so grateful that you stood for so many years with a message that God gave you, though are the best, and not just best but is a great man of God. May you stay strong and may God grant you many more years. My Lord i thank you many nights & days you prayed for us, many days you spent researching & ensuring that you bring the truth to us. You fought battles & we rally behind you and on your promise we shall stand. Thank you for leaving a life in front of us, you didn’t just stand on Sunday morning but you stood Monday to Monday, you proclaimed Christ just by your life. Thanks God’s man, thank you my Lord I appreciate you & I love you. May God bless you abundantly & grant you all your heart desires. Thank you General of Generals I salute you

  39. Rachel Southon says:

    Happy birthday Man of God. May today be the beginning of a a wonderful year for you. Thank you very much for the true example of a Christian you are. God bless you even more. We love you very much.

  40. Sis Sharifa Neels says:

    Oh, I stand amazed by this God-Man…a blessing unto His followers and a curse to the world. Happy Birthday Apostle E.H.R… Your life is not in vain. You are loved, honored and much respected. Emmanuel, God with us, indeed. God bless Thee.

  41. Dominic Jacobs says:


  42. Bro Morgan , family and the lambs in Jericho & Brits says:

    To the Apostle of God not by the will of man

    We would like to wish the man of God …Happy Birthday
    In your life journey you played a major role in the ministry of RECONCILIATION …RESTORATION Bringing people BACK TO GOD …
    REMINDING THEM WHO THEY ARE with messages like Conference…The greatest Gathering Ever…God Combined with MAN ,The Lamb of God
    Thank you for helping us…
    Thank you for heeding the call >THANK GOD for sending you our way
    oh by the way you just turned 17 …..More is yet to come ….Men of God RE FIRES


  43. Bro Rhoderick says:

    A man that walks with God when he speaks angels keep still because they know the throne is about to speak because God stepped down again ..A man that lives so close to God even demons mistake him for God as they did with paul and ask have you come to torment us .. because this man took us out of satan’s prison and back into God prison now we are “prisoners of Christ”.. we know all these things because of God has been combined with a man .. We love you Apostle (pastor of the pastors) happy birthday .. hope you enjoyed your day ..and many more to come ..Bro Rhoderick & Sis Lizette

  44. Nkosi says:

    Happy birthday Apostle as a young man you have especially touched me with your message “which king is ruling your life.” Thank you for labouring in the gospel and May God grant you many more years. Enjoy your birthday

  45. Antoinette says:

    A happy and blessed birthday to the greatest being on earth today. Because of you I have the greatest gift, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, I know heaven is real and that God lives in us. Nothing I will ever do or say will bring justice to this. Thank you for being my father, leader, support and king. I love you with my whole heart daddy and thank you for who I am today. I pray God bless you with more health and strength and grant your desire for this year. Have an awesome day,lots of love, Anto and the boys


    God bless you. Happy birthday to the greatest Apostle of God. He is the great leader we could ever ask for in this hour. We love and appreciate you great Man of God. The man that is highly praised by Angels. Who has descended from the Throne of God

  47. Tamryn says:

    Happy birthday to my Apostle… we love you and will continue standing for the Holyghost….bro Salmon and Tamryn Maimane

  48. Layton says:

    Br Layton and sister Esme Johnson would love to wish Gods Apostle A Blessed happy birthday we love and appreciate you Sir

  49. Senete Goliath says:

    Would like to wish my beloved Apostle a blessed birthday even though a day late…Thank you for being the best gift that this earth could have .You are my inspiration my Apostle.. I love and appreciate you soooo much!!May
    God preserve you for us …may you still have a long an healthy life

  50. Tammy Wilson says:

    A Very Happy Birthday to a True Leader, MY Apostle and MY King.. Thank you for giving me the Greatest Gift Ever the Holy Ghost. I’m counting on you to see me thru. Love you Forever. Tammy Wilson

  51. Wilhelmina and children says:

    Happy blessed birthday to my Apostle. The son of God, the keeper of our souls, the help in time of trouble, our protector and our everything. Thank you for turning our hearts back to you. We love and appreciate you. We cannot live without you.

  52. Lethabo and Karabo Tabane says:

    To a great God Man; How wonderful it is to be called your daughter and Son..God sent you for us and we Love and Appreciate you. we are who we are because of your teachings and we will never settle for less. Thank you for the stand you took; we are saved because of you and would like to wish you a very blessed birthday; Thank you for all that you have done for us. We Love you

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