That Day On Calvary


That Day On Calvary - Literally

Good Friday, 14 April 2017

EL Tabernacle will never be the same after yesterday. You can never look to Calvary and remain the same. It was indeed a GOOD Friday. Or should I leave the one O out and say a GOD Friday. EL Tabernacle advanced to an upper level. EL Tabernacle stepped onto a higher plane. EL Tabernacle broke into another dimension. The End Time Message has been taken to another, higher level. As Jehu proclaimed in 2 Kings 10:15-16: If your heart is right with my heart, get onto my chariot and let me show you the zeal I have for the Lord! It is a fact: EL Tabernacle sets the standard and direction for the Bride worldwide. We lead others follow. We were first with the videos when other ministers were scared. Fasten your seatbelts as I take you with me as I reminisce on Day 1 at our Easter Feast, capturing the essence of the day. This weekend is power packed.


The newly installed 12m X 3m LED Big Screen delayed the days kick off with an hour as the brothers battled to sort out technical glitches. This screen was one of the big surprises for the weekend. This all worked into God’s plan as the saints gather in groups talking and fellowshipping (maybe it happened the same way that day on Calvary), contributing to the build-up, buzz and anticipation. By the time proceedings got underway, the atmosphere was already charged. EL Tabernacle never disappoints.

The Cornerstone

First on the Spiritual menu was the unveiling of the cornerstone. A white corner stone. Cornerstones are usually black granite. This one is unusual and unique, it is White. Representing the wings of a snow white dove. The prophet leaned against the rock and when he stepped back it was written White Eagle.

The microphone rotated between the Apostle and his eldest son, Senior Pastor Jonathan Roscoe. Acting like two naughty boys pushing the other one forward. That is typical of the “Spirit of Jonathan” when a David is in our midst; always showing, teaching and demonstrating to us how to act and behave around the Man of God,giving him the pre-eminence. The Apostle spoke about 1933 when the prophet baptised the 17th person, the Pillar of Fire came down. He referred to the significance of the number 17 and the Pillar of Fire coming down again in 2017. He said we should be free, the Holy Ghost makes us to be free, this is your church. Pastor Jonathan Roscoe spoke briefly. He read Isaiah 28:16 ”… Behold I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone…..” He thanked the Apostle for the convention centre and him being the Extra Vessel.


“The Apostle’s only daughter, Abigail Augustine, and Pastor Jonathan’s wife – Sis Cathy, unveiled the cornerstone.
Sis Abigail Augustine (on the left) and Sis Cathy Roscoe”

Pastor Jonathan asked the Apostle to lay his hand on the cornerstone and said the people should do likewise on Sundays when they come to church. There is just an anointing on everything the Apostle does, and he anoints what he touches. The rest is history …. the pictures tell the story.

Right: The Apostle demonstrating what happened with the Prophet and the White Eagle engraving in the rock. He explained why a white Cornerstone.

The Big Screen 

The installation of the new LED Big Screen was kept under wraps to surprise the church. The Devil fought but God knows best. The delivery was delayed and it arrived at the church late Thursday afternoon. The brothers work tirelessly throughout the night to get it up and running for the morning service. It was supposed to be a Wow-moment! when the people enter the church after the Cornerstone unveiling. Edgar Roscoe is not associated with failure. The wow-moment God produced at the communion service the evening.

The width is about 12 meters and stands nearly 3 meters high. This screen is beeeg. It incorporates the latest technology available. The service started while the brothers still struggled to make it work. The Apostle’s grandchildren are in the thick of things. Half-way through Past Jonathan’s message everything clicked. Hallelujah! We had a sneak preview of its capabilities during his preaching. Can I say this? We await with even greater excitement and anticipation for the Apostle to take the stage.

For more than 50 years he mesmerized the world with his exceptional, incomparable God given Gift of preaching, using conventional methods. In this technological age, with all these gadgets to assist him …….. it will be an experience unparalleled. Book your front row seat. In any case technology helps us to break into some of the other dimensions. Something the Apostle does naturally, it is second nature to him. So this latest development will make his work easier I assume. Edgar Roscoe, God’s preaching machine, will take preaching the Word of God to new unprecedented levels. Breaking into new dimensions and taking the church with him into the unsearchable depths of God. The best is yet to come, watch this space!


The Morning Service Pastor Jonathan preached the morning service. His title: Remove the Crown of Thorns – The Second Crucifixion. I think Pastor Jonathan is “worse” than his father, a “reporter’s” nightmare. His fast paced, added to it the deep prophetic, nature of preaching makes it very difficult to take proper notes. I will do a great injustice to his message in this report. Suffice to quote a few comments to tickle your spiritual taste buds until you get the sermon.

  • Spoke briefly about the cornerstone.
  • Pointed to the Spiritual cornerstone that is laid in EL Tabernacle since 1979, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Zion is spelled with a “S” (Sion) in the New Testament – indicating Spiritual Sion.
  • Why do people stumble? We’ve got the cornerstone, the rock of offense, a stumbling stone.
  • The cornerstone is a person, don’t be ashamed to believe in him.
  • He pulled no punches in typical Roscoe-fashion as he Indicted the Devils in the pulpit.
  • Devils with faces of a man. Abaddon. Appollyon.
  • They can bind the Holy Ghost but they can’t kill it. Quote from Feast of the Trumpets.
  • The Jews crucified the Word, The Gentiles crucify the Spirit.
  • Every church is busy crucifying Him this morning.
    The killing takes place in the pulpit.
  • Calling the Holy Ghost a bunch of worked-up emotions.
    The Indictment 1963:
    par 112 The worshippers themselves was killing the very one they claimed to be worshipping.
    Par 180 You are guilty of murdering the Lord!
  • Churches are morgues.
  • Everybody loves the Holy Ghost but hates the effects of it e.g. the worship, emotions.
  • Mocking the effects of the Holy Ghost in the church.
  • Remove the thorns, crown him with glory.

And then …. the Big Screen kicked in. Wow! what a refreshing, exhilarating encounter! A clip from the film Passion of Christ played. It made his message crystal clear. This message and the clip laid the foundation for what was to transpire later on the evening during the communion. We have been taken to the next level.

The Communion Service – This Day at Calvary.

The evening service, Br Abednego a young brother from Venda preached on the Holy Ghost gives you emotions; Dynamics and Mechanics are together. It was then time for Communion on Good Friday …… What an experience.

This was something. Scenes from the film Passion of Christ started to play. It started where they whipped the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh my! It immediately gripped the whole congregation. Something else dropped. The Apostle came to the pulpit and spoke briefly: “This is what communion is all about. None of us will take communion with a dry eye”. The film played throughout the communion. The sound. The images that flashed on the big screen. When the communion ended the scene in the film, the last stages of the Via Dolorosa as the crucifixion party arrives on Golgotha. Throughout the communion you could hear the deep cry of the lambs.

The deacons removed the remnants of the bread and wine, the communion tables. A silence enveloped the church, yet the sound of the soundtrack, the Aramaic language of the actors, a true paradox. The church was spellbound. NO, NO, NO. The church was transported back 2000 years ago. For some reason I had a front row seat due to taking some photos. Scene after scene played out in front of my very eyes. The agony, the pain. The blood spilling, blood flowing, blood dripping. The hammer, the nail, the hand. The soldier pulling His arm out of its socket to fit the spot on the cross. Our Saviour whispering words hardly audible. His mouth, bloody. A mother in grief, in agony, in distress. The religious leaders and clergy of the day, arrogant and boastful about crucifying God in Flesh. The soldiers, just another day at the office. EL Tabernacle in awe, re-living, experiencing, That Day on Calvary first hand. That silent group, watching, bewildered. As I am writing this article I can still see in my mind’s eye (not the film), the blood oozing out of his hand at the bottom of the cross at the tip of the nail. It seemed as if we were sitting with blood spatter on us. Whoever reads this article, it was real. We’ve experienced the Crucifixion in real time. When the film stopped, the Chorus leader could only sing I cherished the old rugged cross. Close in prayer and dismiss the church.

It took me hours to come to grips with what really happened. I struggled to put my finger on the anointing, the atmosphere. Conviction? Yes, but there was something different. There was that X-Factor. It was inexplicable. I know what I’ve experienced. That is for sure. This morning only, it dawned upon me. I might be wrong it is my reporter’s viewpoint/experience. God forgive me.

We switched dimensions.

That Day on Calvary played out right in front of our very own two eyes in 2017. We re-lived the events of 2000 years ago. For that couple of minutes, it was real. We were there when they crucified my Lord. The Prophet did not preach That Day on Calvary on Good Friday. If you listen to the tape, it becomes quite apparent that he must have experienced the same thing. He is a

prophet but we are a prophetic class. The message preached by Pastor Jonathan the morning became real. What an experience.

God bless you.


19 thoughts on “That Day On Calvary

  1. Margaret De Koker says:

    What a God we serve!!! I love Him because He first loved me

    1. Brother thabiso mokoena says:

      Ooh!myyyy this was a blessed weekend ive ever had me and my family n other saints, n after that weekend we are not the same, we are blessed hallelujah. I see miracles change n tears of joy in my family

  2. Lusanga says:

    What a day. My thoughts were on Romans 6, as the movie played. “He died that I may live. I’m also supposed to be dead and living only for him. Am I dead? Am I living only for him? Lord forgive me.”

  3. DELWYN says:

    The love of God is what we need, not preaching and lying to people,

    1. Sister Dominique Fredricks says:

      there is no other ministry like this ministry praise the Lord thanks to the Roscoe family for leading us the right way the Godly way

  4. Ramond says:

    I want to emphasize the beginning of the article ” EL Tabernacle will never be the same after this Easter weekend!!. You can never look to Calvary and remain the same” !!

  5. Sister Joan Perry,Florida USA says:

    What a Glorious Easter Weekend. I am still feasting.If you could have seen me dancing and shouting in my bedroom. There is no distance with God. The Holy Spirit was present and so tremendous. The Pain, Persecution ,Rejection and tears you cried was not in vain Apostle. Here we are the enjoying the fruits of you labour. Here we stand. You walk with the Supernatural Apostle and it is keeping me alive here inTampa Florida .May God richly bless you and your precious children, grandchldren ,Pastors, Ministers, Office Bearers and the bride of Our Lord Jesus Christ


    When you have met a source of life nothing can turn you away from that place. I learnt this lesson at a very young age.
    This ministry is all that I live for….

  7. Gene adams says:

    God bless there is no other ministry like el tabernacle

    1. Abel Buffet says:

      This ministry is heaven itself, where we associated with the Token Bearer, God’s Apostle. Thank you my Father!

  8. Abel Buffet-Bloemfontein says:

    Blessed we are!!

  9. bro Thapelo Phushudi in Bloemfontein says:

    God Bless saints,I will forever be thankful that I found the one place of worship Deut 12v5

  10. Bro. Tumelo says:

    God bless brethren, we have found the door to enter in and we are being welcomed to the unveiling of the mighty God by a kind old gentleman. Bibile days are here again and we have one who is perfect for this day. For to know Him is life eternal, God bless you Apostle EHR.

  11. Sarene Abrahams says:

    The more we love the further we go! Thank you Jehova Roscoe we love and appreciate you we thank God for a Holy Ghost man of God.We thank the Roscoe family you are a example for all of us.God bless you.Please pray for me i want more of the holy ghost.

  12. sindisiwe Mandla says:

    i will forever be greatful for the grace sis sindisiwe bloemfontein

  13. Sis Lolo from Bloemfontein says:

    There is no ministry like this ministry,GOD is in this ministry AMEN

    1. Tafi says:

      Thank you very much Lord for the gift that you give us , I am what I am because of the ministry EL tabernacle, this is like heaven to me

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