Life Is First Born In The Mind


Funeral Service: Br Japie Solomons -14 August 2016
Preacher : Apostle Edgar H Roscoe

A "Brainteaser" of the message.

Scripture reading - Psalm 16:11 Thou will show me the path of life.

You cannot find the path of life unless you have a messenger of life, a preacher of life. God don't come down and
say this is the path of life, He comes down behind skins in a ministry to show you the path of life.

There is no life unless there is mind, brain. Life comes from the mind. Outside of mind there will be no life.


In His presence is fullness of joy. Wherever His presence is, there is joy. People rejoice when the presence of God
comes. People will do things they will not normally do. In the presence of God you run, jump, shout, you dance.
Because the presence of God brings joy, brings emotions. And if you don't have emotions you are dead and if you
are dead you need to be buried. Anything without emotions is dead. Br Japie is in the presence of God under the
altar of God in the 6th dimension, in a theophany body. There is joy in heaven (there is a shout, a hallelujah and a
dancing around the throne) because brother Japie made it.

The Token Bearer


The Apostle emphasised the importance of fulfilling the whole Word by injecting this explosive, machine gun style
statement that characterized his preaching since 1979.
Let my end be like his end shouting on the Hills of Glory standing true with the Word of God:

that there is not one Word I've missed,
that there is not one Word that I've doubted,
that there is not one Word that I didn't fulfill,
that I've tried my utmost best to fulfill cover to cover (the Bible), the Word of God,
that I would walk in the Word of God,
every step of my way is in the Word of God,
every word that I speak, it must be found in the Word of God,
everything I handle, must be handled according to the Word of God,
everywhere my feet walk, it must walk where God is comfortable.

Life comes from Thought

What an eye opening revelation or should we rather say mind-opening revelation. Let us try and capture what the
Apostle revealed. Life comes from a thought. There cannot be life if there was not thought first.

Romans 8 says: Knowing the mind of the Spirit. So the Spirit is the Mind of Christ. So before there was anything
there was Spirit. Before there was the Word of God there was Spirit. Before the 10 Commandments was written
there was Spirit ... Let there be... Let there be... Let there be... That was the Mind of God and through the Mind of
God the 10 commandments came. The Word came, and Life came.

When you take the Word of God you go back to the Mind of God. Because a word spoken comes from the mind.
You cannot speak a word unless it is in the mind first. You cannot live a life unless it is in the mind first. Br Japie
could not have been here unless he was in the Mind of God on the backside of Elohim's Mind.

Life is first ...THOUGHT!!!

Death comes from Thought

Death is also a thought.
" ... I put before you death and life". Where do you choose, in THE MIND!
Need a brain wash. Death comes because of a wrong thought. Death comes because of a wrong brainwave.
Lust is stimulated by Satan. It brings forth deeds next. Satan came to Eve to confuse her. So it is clear that death and life
comes from the mind.

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  1. Brother thabiso mokoena says:

    Amen and amen thats exactly right glory to GOD all mighty

  2. Alive Mniki says:

    Greetings dear saints. How do we go about getting the DVD of Life Is Born In The Mind. I am in Port Elizabeth. May the Good LORD bless you

    1. JayDee says:

      God Bless.

      Please provide us with a contact number to get in touch with you regarding your enquiry?

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        Amen and Amen

  3. Bro Sicelo says:

    Amen hallelujah oooo Lord. I love you you hide this things from the wise and prudent and you revealed them to babies cause it pleases you praise God my Apostle EHR i love you Spirit first Amen hallelujah!!!!

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    Wow, I can only clap clap clap!

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