In the Footsteps of Jesus


the sermon preached by Apostle Edgar H Roscoe – Year End Convention 2017

The Apostle preached “There’ll Still Be Jesus” at the end of October and announced the theme of the Convention and the title of his sermon, “In the footsteps of Jesus”. A remarkable expectation emerged as the title became a buzz word and social media could not remain quiet and reflected this excitement as people hooked onto it. Apostle Roscoe just knows how to excite our nerves.

In the message “There’ll Still Be Jesus” he preached the autobiography of Jesus out of the Old Testament, Proverbs 8:22 – 30. The question arose, what type of message will this be? An evangelistic message, prophetic, or prophetic- evangelistic? Ahh Apostolic? As you meditated on the title it tickled the nerves in anticipation.


From the outset it was clear that we were in for a Holy Ghost roller coaster ride as the Apostle stepped onto the platform. The tabernacle was charged, the people was ready to hear from God, ready to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. The Apostle was wise, the gift of wisdom kicked in, as he preached in low gear holding back to allow himself to finish the message. How can you stop the people, they have seen God? I think only one man, the Apostle, could preach in such an anointing, a Ticking-Holy-Ghost-time-bomb-waiting-to-explode anointing.


Goose bumps all over your body and chills running down your spine as the congregation, Amen!!

... with a raucous roar, a thundering Amen!! EL Tabernacle is known for being a noisy church. EL Tabernacle distinguished itself as a worshipping church. This type of worship during the preaching was different. I wonder is this not what the Jews call a Shabach, I wonder was this not the quality, intensity and loudness of worship that brought the walls of Jericho down. To me there was just something completely different about the worship, the power the energy, it definitely went to a higher level. What amazed me is that it came at regular intervals as it shrouds you and you could feel it was building to a crescendo. I think to some extent the worship cut the Apostle’s message short.

At some stage towards the end of the message, the congregation could not contain themselves anymore. A spontaneous chanting of his name started. The people had to express themselves, give vent to their revelation of who is in our midst. That was followed by the song Edgar Roscoe is the Number One. People started to move onto the platform dancing. A toyi-toyi style chanting of the Apostle’s name ensued. There was no stopping the people as they rejoiced, chanted, sang, jumped and danced. The continuous rolling worship throughout the service hit it`s climax. Something always happens when Edgar Roscoe preaches.


It`s just something to watch and experience how the Apostle handles and controls the anointing, supreme power in and under control. After about a half an hour of this worship interlude or intermission, he controlled the anointing to finish the message. Usually the Apostle would stop, but as a seasoned Holy Ghost minister, the Token-bearer, he came back after the worship to conclude the message. He allowed the people to ride the Holy Ghost Wave. That was vintage Edgar Roscoe, a clear indication that this is the man that took the Holy Ghost right around the world. (He knows when the Holy Ghost is there, he knows how to bring it, control it, and how to give it to the people).

After reading Genesis 5: 22 he commented about Methuselah the oldest man that ever lived saying that after the Rapture we will never grow old.

I am not going to trace His footsteps before the foundation of the world, not preaching on the Logos Word but the Rhema Word. Putting his feet on terra firma. Walk with him below, right here on earth. Walk after humanity to restore and bring them back to the original position. The sun, moon and galaxies are still in its original place. Man is not there where God placed him. God had to start walking. No man seeks God, God seeks man ….. Adam, Adam where art thou?


The Apostle read the three scriptures and commented on them. I liked the two comments he made. He read 1 Cor 11:1 and said afterwards “Don’t follow anybody unless he puts down footprints”.

Nelson Mandela had a Long Walk to freedom, but we are not free. So what walk was that?
We need somebody that is walking for 2000 years. God sent a man that walked, not for political freedom, but a freedom from death, hell and the grave. God walked after humanity and left footprints in the sands of time.
God was on the mercy seat all the time. The devil knew he must get God off the mercy seat to get God walking. The Devil wanted to sit on the seat on the sides of the North. God had to leave the mercy seat because there was a EL Tabernacle to set free.
Genesis 3:8 The Voice of God walking, not footsteps, but a Voice walking. In this day the Voice of a preacher. God likes to come down in the cool of the day. Adam, Adam where art thou. Walking in the footprints of Jesus. God in an evangelistic position.

Adam said I am naked. I don’t care how naked you are as long as you hear the footsteps of Jesus. If you naked God will clothe you with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. You are naked don’t worry there is a Wedding Garment for you. In Rev 3 the church is lukewarm, naked and don’t know it. EL Tabernacle we know that we naked but we are clothe in the righteousness of God. Nobody can call your name as sweet as God can call your name. Even if you naked you are still a son. Look at Sonship, don’t look at your loins. God knows where He placed you and wants to find you where He placed you for you to be a blessing. God comes to church and find you are not here. He goes out and calls out Where are you? Brother, sister, young people where are you? The Voice of God is a father.

The shepherd walks in front of the sheep. The sheep have to walk in the footprints of the shepherd. The sheep follows him; they know his voice. As a pastor I walk before you and leave footprints. No other pastor can come among you; you know only the shepherd’s voice. You only know one voice and His voice makes a difference. Jesus Christ left His footprints; the seven church age messengers left their footprints; the true five-fold ministry left their footprints. In EL Tabernacle we are still planting the footsteps of Jesus.

God evangelises in Genesis 3:8.

A man came and laid down the ABC’s; he laid down all the mysteries (Malachi 4). He said somebody will come after him. We found the man, we found the voice. We found the man that can turn on the light, preaching dynamics and mechanics together. A man that is unveiling God before us; a man that says, come and see that Jesus is alive today.

After the Garden of Eden, God walked again in Genesis 18. Who was the three men walking? Elohim, Michael and Gabriel. God came down to a tent, a Makhukhu. Abraham washed His feet because it was full of dust due to the footprints he left. God came down in the heat of the day at lunchtime. God didn’t want to eat breakfast. They killed a calf and served bread. The meat of a calf is more tender than a cow. When you cook a nice meal the meat must be tender. Jesus liked to eat that is why they called him a glutton. In Genesis they finished a calf. Another aspect in Genesis 18 is that God did some house visiting.

We passed lunch time, it is supper time. We want a 7 course meal at supper time. The 7 Thunders that utter their voices; the feast of the trumpets; the 7 church ages, Daniel’s 70 weeks, the 5th and the 6th seal – the same Holy Ghost in EL Tabernacle going over to the Jews; the threefold purpose of God; the five definite identifications of a true church; the Holy Ghost with emotions; the Seals that’s open; the Shout, the Voice and the Trumpet and on and on and on we can go. Serpent seed, the talking tree….... the tree talked to Eve and the tree talked to Br Branham (voice in the tree). When a tree talks, know that something is on its way. David said in Psalm 1 like a tree, a talking tree.

 Footsteps in the planes of Mamre, Elohim, Michael and Gabriel. Footsteps of the Great Fisherman. When God came down, he came to see Sarah, the church. God don’t worry about the Pastor. Jesus footsteps in the planes of Mamre.

John 8:56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.

Follow the footsteps to lead you out of homosexuality, follow the footsteps to lead you out of home problems, cigarettes, woman etc.


Just follow the footsteps!

In Exodus 33 Moses wanted to see the Face of God. He had a desire to see His face, everybody’s desire to see God’s face. Moses said show me thy way, that is footprints. Show me thy glory. Can’t see my face but there is a place beside me. John 1:1, John 17 :5 and Proverbs 8: 30 by him. If you look at a man from the back he is moving somewhere. Where was he moving to? To Calvary, the Cross. God likes to move. God is moving and leaving footsteps.

The Apostle brought out the wheel in the middle of the wheel, the Throne. The four archangels and the four Cherubims and how the wings of the Cherubims make the wheel in the middle of the wheel. He pointed out that the Cherubims to do with the earth, animals and face of a man. It got to do with the earth, with us. Angels are flying in and out of the Hub (wheel in the middle of the wheel). The Hub knows what we are doing, what the presidents of the countries are doing. The Hub knows.

The Apostle went to the 4th man in the Fire. Looked like the son of man. Putting His footprints right in the fire.
Luke 2. They lost Jesus. They’ve looked for Him in justification, they’ve looked for Him in sanctification. They found Him the third day at the Pentecostal Feast. The message churches lost him at the Pentecostal Feast. In EL Tabernacle, I picked up His footprints at the age of 12 at the Pentecostal Feast.

Let me skip and jump to this one.



Jesus Left Footprints
In Hell
on lucifer’s chest.

The Pastor concluded his message playing a clip of how the Holy Ghost pours out all over the world. In Canada, in the USA, in France, in Brazil, in Chilli, in the Philippines, in India, in Zimbabwe and other African countries, in towns and cities around South Africa. He showed the Dynamics leaving footprints across the globe wherever he preached. Hard evidence no one can dispute. He showed hard evidence of his intercontinental ministry. This clip proves that his ministry is a global ministry. Going from country to country and the Holy Spirit follows, the Pillar of Fire photographed …… In the footsteps of Jesus.

The Apostle concluded His message showing to the Mechanics, Sense made to the Word. He listed about 36 aspects he made sense to. In the Mechanics in the footsteps of Jesus.

Another aspect the Apostle touched on when the musicians came up was: Loose them. Ministers in 2018, Loose them! Loose that woman (the church), loose our children, loose our financial problems. Let my people go!!

Scripture Reading:
1 Corinthians 11:1
Be ye followers of me, even as I also follow Christ.

Genesis 5:22
And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah.

Genesis 17:1
….. walk before me and be thou perfect.

Apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe never disappoints.
Get the DVD, it WILL bless you!



Loose Them In 2018!

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