the sermon preached by Apostle Edgar H Roscoe – New Year`s Eve 2017

The Apostle’s last message in October was “There’ll Still Be Jesus”. He followed it up with a message preached at the December Convention “In The Footsteps Of Jesus”. Oh my, my, my, my! While we are still trying to digest it, here comes the crossing over into the New Year with a message entitled….. “GOD”.

Think about it “God”. Such an all-inclusive, all-embracing, all-encompassing and comprehensive title yet it seems as if the title is incomplete. Is something not missing from the title? Who is this man Edgar Roscoe? Is He by chance from the Pantheon of the God`s? The messages that He preaches, is it perhaps autobiographical? He just announces the title of his message and you are mesmerized, awe-struck and your mind hits a blank. I thought we know God.

This message undoubtedly aligns itself and it resonates with Bro. Branham’s two messages “Let Us See God” and “The Unveiling Of God” and the Apostle’s two messages “Bruised Serpent (October 2012)” and “Is God In a Man (December 2016)”. Without controversy, this message highlighted that we, the people, people in the message do not know God. Can I add, this message made sense to who God is, properly placed and laid down in EL Tabernacle.


The Apostle came to the pulpit while the congregation worshiped for nearly half an hour before he could say anything. This intense worship created the right atmosphere for the message to be planted in this anointing (after all, God is an object of worship).
“Put God in front of you for 2018” he uttered. A lot of people say they are in the Message, a lot of people say they are Christians, but they don’t know God. Flesh and blood cannot reveal it unto you.

The Old Testament word for God is “EL, ELOAH, ELOHIM”, meaning the Mighty One. The Old Testament name is ”YAHWEH”, it appears 6000 times.

The New Testament in Greek terminology calls Him “THEOS”. God’s attributes must be further explored, because God is known by His attributes.

"How Is A True God Known?"

God is unveiled as we see His actions and see the descriptions of Him. How clear it is in the Bible and Spoken Word, to strengthen our belief in God, our CONCEPT and faith as we see God.

There are four things to look at:

1. We pick up His ACTS.
2. We pick up His DESCRIPTIONS.
3. We pick up His CHARACTERISTICS.
4. We pick up His NATURE.

All these aspects of God NEVER change.



When John the Baptist was in prison he sent his disciples to Jesus to ask Him is He the one. Jesus said: “Tell John the blind see, the cripple walk, the dead is raised etc.” He referred John to His nature.
Once you see that, you see that it is not a man. First see the characteristics of God in the man before you start lifting him up.

What is the meaning of God?

A being that is in possession of Superhuman Or Supernatural qualities and powers, and made an Object of Worship!

With this as a basis, a foundation we can now identify God.

- God in Christ
- God in the Universe
- God in Nature

... The first three are easy to see, but the fourth is a hard one ...

- God in His People.

Hard to See! Christ living in You! God doing it in You!

God Is ALL & ALL Is God!


The Apostle asked the question: Where will you find God? They make gods out of: wood; stone; creation; man (e.g. pope, sangoma`s); animals, cows, birds, animal heads; occult leaders; orgies, sex, sacrifices; woman; luciferians, hell`s angels.

The Apostle spoke on how we make a god out of anything. He quoted Acts 19:29, "Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man’s device."
God is so big and powerful and yet He makes himself so small. Born in a manger. The first time a king is born in a stable and not a palace. He juxtaposed Gods’ greatness with Him becoming small and we miss Him. He reveals Himself in small things.
The congregation loved the story of Elijah. Elijah said you call on your gods and I will call on my God.



The Apostle referred to 1 Samuel 5:2 - The Apostle preached on how Dagon, the Fish-god, was defeated. Twice knocked down and its head and hands decapitated the second time. He is a God of war. In 2018…. He is a God of War!

The Apostle indicates that the 10 plagues disarmed, neutralized and ridiculed the gods of Egypt. God destroyed the Egyptian gods through the plagues.


Plague 1
The Nile River turned to blood….. God – Hapi.

Plague 2
Frogs….. God – Heka.

Plague 3
Lice….. God – Seb.


Plague 4
Flies….. God – Scarabacus.

Plague 5
The plague of Murrain or Pestilence ….. God – Apis.

Plague 6
The plague of Boils….. God – Niet.

Plague 7
The plague of Hail….. God – Shu.


Plague 8
The plague of Locusts….. God – Seraja.

Plague 9
The plague of Darkness….. God – Ra.

Plague 10
Death of the First Born….. Disarmed all their Gods.


Multiple Gods (Polytheism)

The Apostle spoke on the 330 million gods of Hinduism. Brahma – the creator… The world is unreal, and Brahma alone is real. He mentions Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, music and art; Lord Vishnu – god of the home and relationships within it; mother Yashoda and Krishna, Laksmi, Shiva, Parvati etc.

He also mentions some of the other gods Mafdet, Isis, Ra, Horus , Nephthys and Set.

God is the only life.

Not human life;
Not animal life;
Not marine life;
Not botany life;

Apostle E H Roscoe

Who is the Creator’s creator?

The scientist calls it the Dance of Life. God was never created, just like the first atom.

The Apostle spoke on the DNA that produces protein. How the scientists have the mechanics of life and their experiments (that failed) to produce life. He mentions the 4 major elements namely carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.


The Apostle climaxed with Life is motion. Death is stagnant. When He hit this point in his preaching the gift took over as he drove it home. The people were bamboozled, their nerves were tickled; an enthusiasm and excitement took control of the people.

God is Life. Eternal Life. Life is motion. Motion brings Emotion. Emotion brings noise. Wherever God is there is a noise. One can surely ask the question: Who is in EL Tabernacle if this Holy Ghost noise is ear-splitting, a raucous Holy Ghost roar, a thunderous Amen to the preaching of the Word.

Maybe the Psalmist rose up by vision and saw EL Tabernacle when he wrote in Psalms 100:1, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”.

As the message started, so it ended. A spot-on and appropriate ending. Worship! Worship!! Worship!!! As I noted in the Footsteps article, the worship went to a deeper level. It manifested again at the end of the message. The people worshiped for another half-an-hour after the sermon before the Apostle walked off.


The fact that we took communion shortened the worship. It is difficult to capture the passion, the intensity, the effervescence of the worship on paper. One can only conclude by saying come and visit EL Tabernacle and experience the worship, become part of it, loose yourself in worship.

Let the worship wave engulf you. No wonder there is a half an hour silence in heaven, the Worship is in EL Tabernacle.
In conclusion, there are two things the Apostle mentions about 2018 in his last two messages:

1. Loose them in 2018!
2. 2018….. a God of War!

What it means and what it entails will play out and unfold over the next 12 months. My prayer is, Lord let me be on the right side, the positive side of these prophetic utterances.

Scripture Readings :

Acts 17: 22 - 23
Acts 7: 40 - 41
Galatians 4: 8 - 9

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3 thoughts on “GOD

  1. I’m so grateful and thankful to be part of this ministry, and the man of God for revealing and making sense to the word so that I can strive for being a child of God not only by coming to church but also wanting to have the nature, the character, the description and to act like God. I believe in God of my Apostle in the past 6years that I have been in the ministry I have seen the miracle happening in my life. Last year September I had a nervous brake down elders (bro Grand, bro. Handry and bro. Elton) prayed for me, the day I got healed I prayed and I asked God to heal me from the anger that I suffer over 20years,I asked God to reveal himself to me and after that prayer something told me to read the spoken word the 5th seal and just from the first Scripture I felt the presence of God Psams 24:6,7,8,9,10. Right that moment I felt renewed and more in control of my life like something had been moved from my shoulder as I read on Apostle said on the second Scripture 1Kings 18:30,”Those alters need to be repaired, Amen. The enemy has broken them down but the Spirit of Elijah will build them up again”………….while I was reading it was like Apostle was preaching the massage to me right there I could hear his voice speaking through my ears and I believe God spoke to me day through my Apostle. I asked God to reveal himself to me and the voice that spoke to me was God in him. I’m so greatful for to be in this ministry before I came to the ministry I asked God to place me in the right church and he did. God bless

    1. Peter Kabanda Lusanga says:

      Amen amen. What a wonderful testimony

  2. Brother Godden Hinge says:

    What a massage.

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