Candles By Candlelight


Christmas Eve 2017 - Candles By CandleLight


What a refreshing and amazing experience. Candles by Candlelight redefined, Candles by Candlelight reinvented, Candles by Candlelight revisited. Candles by Candlelight with the EL Tabernacle touch. The Christmas spirit captured by an evening of preaching, praise and worship, an evening of song.
The evening had EL Tabernacle written all over it, Edgar Roscoe’s signature on it. The freshness, the novelty, the worship, the preaching, the anointing, the atmosphere. Don’t forget the candles, traditional and electronic. EL Tabernacle is indeed a complete church.

Below: The perfect outdoor setting for an exciting Christmas eve evening of preaching, praise & worship and singing. Candles by Candlelight reinvented with and EL Tabernacle touch!


Going outdoors, wow! The choice of venue, what can we say? Carols by Candlelight under the starry skies is and will always be something special. The twinkling of the stars contributes to the ambience outdoors. With the Easter Convention, during the communion, we were transported literally to “That Day on Calvary”. This Christmas eve evening was pregnant with excitement and joy, ‘While shepherds watch their flocks by night’, Angels singing, the star appearing. You unintentionally and intuitively look to the sky expecting to see the star hanging there.

The elderly generation surely reminisced about yesteryear and recalled their childhood and young adult years when Candles by Candlelight featured high on the December calendar of many schools and churches. I am more than convinced, I am persuaded, Candles by candlelight belongs outdoors.

The Preacher

The right person for the right job. Vintage Pastor Paul Murray. The firebrand since the mid-1980’s preaching side-by-side with the Apostle. Putting the poker in. Not preaching his own thing but like he did for over 30 years, stayed with the inspiration of the Apostle. He mastered it, he knows the blessing is on the Apostle’s inspiration. How he stirred “In the footsteps of Jesus” with his evangelistic-Holy-Ghost-filled-preaching-gift God endowed him with. He sure did put in the poker. Just a day later and he preached the inspiration like in the old times, the mark of a well-trained seasoned Holy Ghost preacher. Picking up the mind of the Spirit and recycling it.

The words of the Apostle jumps to mind: God knows where He placed you and wants to find you where He placed you for you to be a blessing. As the prophet says in, God’s gifts always find its place, the appropriate gift. The Apostle must be a proud man knowing he can sit back and relax, enjoying the evening knowing there are men to run with the anointing.


Pastor Paul made sure that we leave the Convention walking in the footsteps of Jesus, following the Apostle as he follows Christ. Let me put it in Afrikaans: hy het homself oortref (he has outdone himself).

You feel proud to be associated with EL Tabernacle, we are well fed, we are blessed.

To me it was the Paul Murray preaching when I came in the ministry in 1990, stimulation of revelation, bubbling in your soul. These young ministers can confidently take a page out of his book.


Apostle Roscoe enjoying himself as He sings along. Pastor Jonathan, his wife Sis. Cathy and sis Claudia making the best of the evening as they sing the Christmas carols.

The Musicians

It seemed as if these musicians were hired to play at a gig. What a nice Christmas Carol anointing God blessed them with for the evening. The slow carols didn’t sound slow. There was an energy in it. After the preaching, they kick-started the evening with the old time classic, Silent Night. Oh my! the brass section just gave that special touch to this well-known song. The musicians were fired up and delivered the goods when it was needed most.

The Singing

The choir sang their hearts out. It was good to hear the carols being sung under an anointing. The lead singers came to the party as they sang their solos as the choir and the people joined in the atmosphere. Peoples feet were tapping.

The Roving Microphone Sing-along

Another surprise. This was definitely one of many highlights of the evening. The microphone was handed to some of the Roscoe children and grandchildren to sing along “I want to wish you a Merry Christmas”. The people went crazy.


The Atmosphere

In the cool of the day. The sun was slowly disappearing on the western horizon, the clouds cleared, as a cool breeze tickled our cheeks and arms on a near perfect summer evening. The stage was indeed set for a wonderfully exciting evening. A perfect setting for the Carols by candlelight.

At the end, as usual, the peoples’ emotions got the better of them. The band played 'Feliz Navidad’, the chorus leader was singing and the people broke out into a spontaneous dance. Oh my, Candles by candlelight will never be the same again.


The Apostle’s grandson, Edgar Hill Roscoe Jr. had the people on their feet with his rendition of “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”.


The Fireworks

Yet another surprise. The evening closed with a spectacular fireworks display. Numerous fireworks were ignited as it lit up the southern Gauteng skies.

Ssshhhhoooooooo Bang! And the sky lit up as hundreds of stars burst. Wwwwhhhhhooooooosssssssshhh bang, bang, bang! As the sky is filled with an explosion of rainbow colours to the delight of the crowd. Sssshhhoooooooo bang!bang!bang! Wwwhhhhhhooooooossshh bang! And on and on and on it goes as we approach the midnight hour to usher in Christmas day 2017.


In jest, even the fireworks clap and make a noise and excite the nerves: What is wrong with the people in the message? We can all return home knowing we have a watchman on the tower, proper headship, true leadership!

This convention was indeed FIRE WORKS!


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