The Complete Headship – Part 2



Comments By Apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe Before The Sermon.

What an interesting development. After the Convention 2016 and the New Year’s Eve service, the Apostle went back to The Complete Headship series he was preaching since June 2016. He called it The Complete Headship Part 2, The Eye.


Above: Pastor Edgar H Roscoe during the Combine meeting in January 2017 in full swing and on the roll in his APOSTOLIC Office. A God-man straightening out the Message from Canada, USA, Brazil, up Africa way, in South Africa, on the Internet and right around the Globe. There IS a GIFT on the earth ….. Amen!!!

(The choir sings and the musicians play “In bright mansions above.”) Oh, my!!! Oh Hallelujah! Our hearts bleed to be in those mansions above. I searched through that City, that mansion and tried to find some hospitals out there, I try to find some doctors out there, I tried to find some pharmacist (chemists) out there. While I was in my bewilderment, I felt somebody tugged me on my shirt, and He said, "Edgar, don’t forget you are in bright mansions above". There is not such a thing here. That’s why the church chants, "One life!, One Destiny!, Heaven!" - because of bright mansions above. Let’s sing it back to the hordes in hell that are not going to get us because we are not going that way. But we are going to bright mansions above. (The choir starts to sing and the musicians play “In bright mansions above.”)

Mthatha Church

*A clip is shown of the church in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. It shows the foundation and piles of bricks.*
The foundations are laid. All the bricks are packed up. The structure has been raised up after we left. That little church has done it alone as far as that. I didn’t know that we have a church so big in Transkei [area in Eastern Cape]. The more they criticized us, the more churches we built. They have to steal souls from other churches to make their church, split churches to make their church.

But EL Tabernacle doesn’t need any souls from any church. It is mind spinning what’s happening. I’ve gone out there and it is not easy to see any white people or coloureds there, It is only a lot of black people. But as you go into the houses through the door, you find there is a snap of a coloured guy. So we have two churches to finish this year. All in all we have built nine church buildings. Not churches in school etc. but buildings. By… their… fruits… you… will… know… them.

Sasolburg Church

I also believe that Jonathan went over to Sasolburg and Bro Paul went to preach there on Sunday. But there is such a lot of people out there. The structure that they’ve put up cannot contain all the people. All of Sasolburg cannot come into the church, such a lot of souls come into EL Tabernacle. Not stolen souls. The other churches are struggling to baptise one, we baptise forty (40) at a time. That’s EL Tabernacle. God just loves this place.

Springs (On the east rand, east of Johanesburg.)

We also want to go out to Springs, to see the young men there. Very, very soon. Just youngsters, about forty of them. They don’t even have forty (40) people in their churches. I am speaking about youngsters, on fire for God.

And we might put it on the Internet. So that all the critics that likes to criticise EL Tabernacle can see. You first do that, you first achieve what this man achieved, then you can criticize. But if you didn’t, shut up! If you don’t have fruit on your tree like this man has, shut-up! God is not with you. The day you can build nine churches, then you can come and talk to me. If you didn’t, just shut up! You not even in the race. So if I should go tomorrow my works will remain.


Right around the world, America and all over they struggle to get 200 people. America dwindles so low they got 30 people in their churches. But the big Americans got a lot to say. You Americans you need an Apostle, a missionary from Africa. And this missionary will tell you where to get off. It has died, it has died. That one I prophesied. I said I prophesy the Holy Ghost is gone. Go out and go and see if you see the Holy Ghost. She’s gone.



What’s going on on the Internet? My name is splashed all over the Internet like I don’t know what. I told Jonathan and them, I feel so good. They looked at me and think how can you feel good if they splash your name all over the Internet? I said I am always on the hit parade. Only one minister is always on the hit parade. I got to Transkei and my name is laying all over from Transkei right up to East London, good and evil. I’ve never been here, I said I’ve never been here but they know Edgar Roscoe. I thank God for Bro. Sonny Benade, if something goes on he’ll phone me or approach me and ask me. He phoned me this morning and told me that he straightened out a few pastors from Zimbabwe over the Internet, on social media. There were only two other pastors that came to see me, in fact, they invited me out in Durban. Bro. Nemmie and Bro Paul Moodley. And then it came up, this very topic that is on the Internet now. And I started to explain and the way they laughed.

Ministers in the message

These ministers in this message are a bunch of sissies. They must put on panties. All they can do is yup behind your back, but to face you and to ask you, they’re too scared. I don’t even want to speak about Brazil. Brazil better straighten out their woman first before they talk. You know they’ve got nothing to talk anymore because everybody knows the message, the quotes and everything. They’ve got nothing to talk. But just mention Edgar Roscoe and the revival is on. I am the revival, whether they like it or not. I am the revival.
A certain Pastor’s wife told me: If Edgar Roscoe says something the world stands at attention. If he laces his shoes upside down than they speak about it right around the world. When I preached and use to fold my tie and put it in my pocket. They asked me not to do that. That was a sin. Now what must I do that is not a sin?

Blasphemed the Holy Ghost

Can you imagine for fifty years I have this? First, with the Holy Ghost, I am too emotional, I am a Pentecostal. They hated the Holy Ghost, they spoke against it. I wonder how many of these pastors blasphemed the Holy Ghost then already, not now, then already. That is why the message looks like it looks. Another brother told one of the pastors that was talking such a lot. Where is the warmth of the Holy Ghost? This pastor said: Don’t worry about that. Well, this brother said, then I can go and drink and smoke and meet you in hell. You are going to hell without the Token. I said say it again so that I can hear it. You going to hell without the token. All these message believers who didn’t receive the Holy Ghost with their pastors. You will spend your time in hell with murderers and drunkards and you think that you are saved. Bro. Branham said you will be shocked to see who is going to make it. Can’t make it without the Token. And you rejected it. Now you want it. It is too late. She won’t come back. I just move on.

Lies. Lies. Lies

I believe they have a false clip of me that says you better believe that Edgar Roscoe is God. They even lie and put clips out there. This is not the first time. They take a little here and a little there. And they bring it together and they splice it together. It is my voice at different places and the clip says this is Edgar Roscoe - Edgar Roscoe is God, and I never said it. You are going to give an account for it.

They wrote letters and sign not even my signature just wrote Roscoe. They send it to pastors where I speak badly about the pastors. And I never even wrote the letters. I don’t fight them. The Bible said thou shalt not bare false witness against your brother. Already missed the Word. And that one word will judge them to hell. And the Bible says, " ... evil surmising ...". The man never said anything and you come around and say the man said that, you in danger of hell’s fire. Imagine a false clip going around.

What more do they want me to be wrong on? Listen here my brothers, I know you listen to me right around the world. Listen I want to tell you something. Don’t try and find fault with me, I was born wrong. So why do you want to find fault now, I was at fault when I was born. Where are all the things that were on the Internet when they said I said that I am better than Br Branham? Where are those things?

Where are those things way back with Bro. Coleman, they called me Micah? Because Br Branham was Elijah, Bro Coleman was Elisha and Micah prophesied the prophecy of Elijah. So it was one, two, three. Where are all those things? Gone. And nobody repents. I am the eighth messenger. And the Internet was full of it. Now I never stopped it. Let them write those things. As long as I know I never said it. Now, who is guilty, they that said I am or me not saying it. They are guilty, they are going to pay for it, for lying. I mean End Time ministers, I am in the Message, MAAR HULLE LIEG NOG! {but they are still lying}. How can you go to a church like that?

I was accused of six times with woman and nobody ever found me with a woman. But they accuse me. I said on this topic that, If I go with a woman and they catch me, at least I got something out of it, but now they accuse me and I got nothing. It is only jealousy that’s all.


Did you see he put himself in the Cloud, him and his sons? I put myself in the Cloud. I don’t know there was a picture like that. I don’t even know about it. But I did it. Just to get me wrong. They are so jealous. The man preaches for 50 years to a congregation and they are so taken up, the congregation, that they shout his name out. Then this man is a preacher man, he is a preacher like nobody in the message. Nobody can preach like him. I am saying over the Internet, there is nobody in the entire Message amongst the ministers that can preach like this guy. With dynamics and mechanics put together. Where do you find a minister? Where ever he goes dynamic and mechanics and the Holy Ghost falls. There’s all the tapes in the library.
They say I prophesied about Hillary Clinton and nobody can show me the tape. I can show you the tape where I prophesied the Holy Ghost is gone. But with Hillary Clinton I was shown a quote the other day, Br Stafford showed me the quote where Br Branham said about this woman that will come in and he ends it: She will come in with a popular vote. Did Hillary Clinton come in with a popular vote like the scripture say? So who was wrong? She had 2 million more votes than Trump. Because the quote says popular vote. Go and read it and work it out with Br Branham.

Churches are dead in the message

The next thing - Those people worship him. Can you give me any other minister right around the world that anybody mistook for Jesus Christ? Then I must be something man. They are so dry. You know I told another brother and he said, "Yes Bro. Roscoe, I will rather be a Baptist than a Pentecostal". I said, "Shame on you!" The Baptist is not even in the pyramid they haven’t got a messenger. Where are you going, I said, "I am a Pentecostal by experience, and I am in the pyramid and I have a messenger and his name is William Marrion Branham". You’ve got nothing you Baptist in the message.

Some churches have gone so far they went right back to the NG Church. No difference between them and the NG Church. I told this brother I would rather go to the Catholic Church, at least I will not sleep in the church, the incense will keep me awake. At least there is a little sound with that thing the incense is in, the chain makes a noise. So bad the message has become.

Abigail and I were down in Cape Town at a funeral. It was so dead the people in the message were sleeping. Abigail called me one side, she was crying. I asked why she is crying. She said, "Dad, I didn’t know it is so bad". I said, "Abigail, I told you guys they can’t take it (the Holy Ghost)". They cut it off long, long years ago. And it will never come back.

I was fellowshipping with another brother from America and he was shocked, He said, "Bro. Roscoe, you must come to America". I said, "brother I don’t want to be funny but what is there for me in America? To whom can I listen to? Who can tell me anything in America?" I said, "none brother, nobody. And in Canada, Canada is even worse. Twice dead plucked up from the roots, Bro Branham said so".

All I do is say Lord bring back those happy days when the Holy Ghost fell on every place and the love of God shone on every place, bring back those happy days.

Wherever I go see him. When I went to India, I’ve seen Him. When I went right through the USA, I’ve seen Him. When I went to France, I’ve seen Him. When I went to Brazil, I’ve seen Him. When I went up Africa way, I’ve seen Him. Wherever I go on the tapes I’ve seen Him.

An abstract – Preaching nonsense.

Quote: Apostle read the quote on the right.

Is God in a man, they don’t believe that, but we believe. God in a man. Now I heard Br George Smith said that’s an abstract. You better come and listen to me, George Smith. Let me straighten you out. God doesn’t have grandchildren. I don’t care if you the prophet’s son or who you are. Don’t come and preach nonsense. I’ll straighten you out. You must know that there is a Gift on the earth. It is just an abstract. Now Br Branham said is that far from the Bible? He brings the Bible in. The whole Bible in. Then you ask yourself who’s got the authority to say that it’s an abstract and that’s the Bible. They make the Word of God of none effect. Don’t you know Brazil that the Bible is written here a little and there a little, a little abstract here and a little abstract there.

That’s Thus saith the Lord. You better watch it that you don’t add to the Word, you don’t subtract from the Word, you don’t interpret the Word, leave it as it is. Abstract. Br Branham says if you get a scripture and can run it through the Bible, in every cog, than it is Thus saith the Lord. Why must I listen to anybody else. You can’t take Matthew 28 and run it through the Bible, but Acts 2:38 you can.

When I told this to a man the other day, when this piece had come out about this man being healed, this same minister said, "They make a god out of you, Brother Branham."
Well, he was a critic, so I thought I'd just let--kinda break it off just a little bit, not to hurt, you know, but just kinda... I said, "Is that too far from the Scripture to be that?" See? I said, "No, it isn't." I said, "Because Jesus called prophets gods." See? That's right. God...
And they say, "Well, you people try to take the place of God."
That's not too far out; that's exactly what it is (That's exactly.): God manifested in flesh, just as He promised.

The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us (64-0629),
William Marrion Branham

I wish he can come to South Africa he’ll find a little Bushman walking up to him. I know who I am. I don’t need anyone to tell me who I am. You go and read that scripture, they say you must read the whole quote, you go and read the quote you will see Bro. Branham goes to something else. You don’t find the whole quote on one page. If you want to know about Jesus, you don’t find it on one page. Just a bunch of nonsense man.

In one place you find where David said they pierce my hands ,another place in Isaiah he doesn’t speak about piercing my hands, he says a man acquainted with grief. Another piece. In Zechariah another piece, He rode into Jerusalem on a colt. Here a little and there a little, here an abstract and there an abstract. This bunch of ministers!

Why don’t you sit down and listen to a man that is sent from of God that can properly interpret the Word? That’s why they preach and there is no fruit whatsoever after they preach, they walk down and nothing happens. The people are asleep. Get a man that will wake up the church, that will take the same quotes and anoint it. God’s got no grandchildren. I don’t go like this because it is the Prophet’s son-in-law. I am God’s son. I am a son of God not a son of William Branham. Don’t fool around with me. True what Bro. Branham said, they just use the church to mark time.

How can the people keep it in when the fruits are on my tree? Three people raised from the dead, three deaf and dumb people got their healing. How could they keep it in? How could they keep it in when the cripple straighten out and walk? How could they keep it in when a man takes his crutches and throw it away and start to dance? That is the fruit that is on my tree. Where ever I go to preach, the Holy Ghost falls. Okay. That was my comments.

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