Billy Graham Died


The last Angel to Sodom Left

The curtain finally closed on the Three Angels of Genesis 18 & 19 with the death of William Franklin Graham, better known as Rev. Billy Graham. He preached in nearly all the countries of the world. It was a job well done as he smote the evangelicals and formal churches blind, across the globe. All the news outlets from the traditional newspapers and magazines to the TV channels and digital platforms of YouTube, numerous websites and Facebook affirmed unanimously his undisputed worldwide ministry.


Some call him the “Pastor to Presidents”, others hail him as “America’s Pastor”, some go to the extreme and declare him the “Protestant Pope”. In message circles, Billy Graham is known as one of the two angels that went down to Sodom and Gomorrah to blind the people that they should not find the door.


Of the three messengers/ angels, Bro. Branham left first way back in 1965, he passed away. There were two left. Oral Roberts died recently in 2009. Billy Graham was the last one to cross over, February 2018.

When the three Angels came down on the plains of Mamre they were not so much worried about Abraham. "Where is Sarah thy wife? I will visit her in the next 28 days". After that, it will be the time of life. He discerned Sarah with His back turned to the tent door.

Two Angels went down to Sodom and the One remained with Abraham. He took a walk with Abraham and said, "Shall I hide anything from Abraham what I will do with Sodom and Gomorrah?" Sodom and Gomorrah were put on trial. If there be 30 left, if there be 20, if there be 10, will you save the city Abraham pleaded? They could not find even 5 to save.

Billy Graham started his ministry in Sodom, Los Angeles. He blinded the Formal Churches and Evangelicals eye's not to find the door. Jesus is the Door. Oral Roberts already blinded the Pentecostal eye's. Pentecost is blind; someone had to blind them.
The Formal church is blind.
The Pentecostal church is blind.
The Message believers are blind.
Bro. Branham tried hard to help and save the end-time believers. The ministers in the message, 99.9% of them, blinded the people.
After the messengers left Sodom, Sodom went down.
Sodom went down before Isaac was born.
Los Angeles will go down before Jesus comes.

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The only thing that will help now:
Be filled with the Holy Spirit, the day of redemption is near.

A personal note: I could never understand why the formal and Pentecostal churches reject the Prophet and his message. Most of it is very logical, clear, observable, evident and obvious truths. After all these years the revelation came to me when the Apostle spoke on Billy Graham. He opened my eyes to see the devastating work they were ordained to do……. Oral Roberts and Billy Graham did an extremely effective job, sad to say they blinded the people not to find the door.


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