Inspiration: Who Is This Woman?

Highlights from a message preached by Apostle Edgar H Roscoe at the funeral service of the late Sis. Juby Daniels in Eersterust, Pretoria on Saturday, 24 March 2018.

Scripture Reading: John 12:24 and Luke 6:43

Christianity: Such a lot of churches, denominations. Which one is right? Judaism: different groups amongst the Jewish people. Islam: the Muslim people have different groups fighting amongst themselves. So many things that is uncertain.

You need to take time and check out the real thing, the positive thing. I want to speak on FRUIT. Some might call it her life, others her testimony. I like to call it – Fruit.

There is no certainty with anything.

You cannot tell me who she is unless you know her fruit.
To fear death is what keeps us alive. When a lion pursues its prey, fear takes a hold of the buck. Death is on its way. The fear of death produces the urge for life.


If you are sick, you run to the doctor. The GP refers you to the specialist. You fear death. The specialist gives you a prescription for the pharmacist. Fear gives you the urge to live again. This coffin gives us fear, but we know there is life after death, after this life there is Eternal Life to inherit.

Death Keeps Us Alive!

A cow needs to die for you to enjoy steak. To enjoy bread, a corn of wheat must die. Something must die that we can live. The chicken drumstick was full of life, fruit and vegetables had to die. We all live off something that died. Sinner man, somebody died so that you can live Spiritually again. How do you know if somebody made it or not?

By their fruit, you shall know them. By their testimony, you will know. Fruit is the only way that we know who is who. There are only two things. Good Fruit and Bad Fruit. You can’t cover it up, fruit speak for itself.


In your CV is your whole life. The FRUIT tells the boss exactly who you are. FRUIT is your CV. Fruit cannot be duplicated or copied, God makes the genuine.

When David came to the battlefield he was questioned on his CV. David had to give his CV to Saul first before he was allowed to do battle. Fruit is the evidence. Fruit convinces everybody. You don’t have to blow your trumpet; it is easy to know good from bad.


Plastic Fruit

There are no bees around plastic fruit. There is no life in plastic fruit; it is dead; it is plastic. Don’t produce plastic fruit. The earth only allows so many (Apostle gestures with his one hand – a few) good people, then God takes them away. Evil exceeds the good.

There is only ONE proper, thorough gift in every 100 years
Charlton Heston

ONE witness in a generation - William Branham
Keep me in the confines of Godliness.

The Great Secret In Life.

Life is not so complicated, life is easy. The great secret in life is….. that there is NO secret. The secret is “FRUIT”. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, you don’t need the brains of Einstein or Von Braun; you don’t need the know-how of Oppenheimer, the geniuses of Henry Ford or the IQ of the Wright brothers. You don’t need to have that. It is quite simple; life is really simple. We INSIST on making it complicated. By their FRUIT they shall know them, whether they have life or death. It only takes:

1. An Honest Heart
2. Discernment
3. Revelation

To know where the REAL FRUIT is. Life, only has two roads; life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. Life has distinct markers; this is right or wrong. If you are crooked it is hard to walk a straight line; it is hard for a crooked person to walk a straight line. It is very easy for a righteous person to walk a righteous path and do the right thing. It is in his heart to do the right thing. (Read Matthew 7:17)

Rotten Fruit.

The rotten fruit looks great on the outside. If you break it open, it is rotten on the inside and full of worms. The fruit will not last. There are people that like to walk on the dirty side of the road. They like to get their feet muddy.


Good Fruit Bypasses.

Good Fruit bypasses religion.
Good Fruit outstrips religious beliefs.
Good fruit bypasses theology.


Let’s look at some examples:

In Nazi Germany, there was Schindler of Schindler’s List.
In the Bible, we read about the Good Samaritan.
There is John 4:9. Good Fruit bypasses the Law of the Jews.
People speak about the Good Muslim General that saved many people. He was bigger than the Jihadists.
What was bigger? The FRUIT of these men’s heart.

Characteristics of Good Fruit:

1. Good Fruit cannot be fenced in, it breaks fences.
2. Good Fruit doesn’t care about race group or ethnic group. You`re my brother, you`re my sister!
3. Good Fruit rolls back tombstones.
4. Good Fruit builds bridges.
5. You cannot box-in Good Fruit.

6. Fruit cannot grow on an immature tree. FRUIT only grows on a MATURE Tree.
7. Fruit doesn’t grow on the stem but it grows on the branches. (I am the Vine you are the branches).

God Of Our Apostle Richly Bless You!

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