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Pastor Jonathan J Roscoe 29 March 2020

Pastor Jonathan J Roscoe

Opening comments
God bless you. As we bring you this streaming of this Sunday service. We want to greet each one that is at home, each one that is logged in to our broadcast, wherever you may be, we welcome you. On Wednesday a lot of the people that is not in our church that logged in. It gives us great joy that we can be a blessing to our people and the people that log onto our website and to our broadcast. Our heart is saddened at this sickening hour, this Coronavirus hour that we are in how that we are torn apart. But we use to sing a song years ago, “God be with you till we meet again”. I believe He is with you until we meet again.
We feel to share our sympathizing tear to each EL Tabernacle member’s heart, we can feel it. And we as the Pastors on behalf of the Apostle of EL Tabernacle say: “We are missing you already”. How we going to deal with it this 3 weeks of the lockdown. But I think a lot of grace will be needed, God knew about these times and he surely brought us through this talking stage of the Token. But we thank God that He can take us through in the displaying and the manifestation of this Token.

I greet you all, the Roscoe family wants to greet EL Tabernacle as well. We will be streaming to you. We will try and stream more next week. If you get any details of any streaming contact one another on WhatsApp or any other social media platform and get in touch and get tuned up, I believe it will be a blessing to you. To you that could not get onto the website a lot of people went onto the Web Radio and it was a complete blessing to everybody. Just find out how it works and make sure you stay in touch. We will use the technology of the enemy to bring a blessing to the church.

We talked about the Token
We talked a lot about the Token all the way long, but we’ve come to a time when it is the manifestation of it; we talked about it.
Some said it is with no emotions, it is a lot of noise; we’ve talked about it.
We are past it; it is for another age; we talked about it.
They said it is a Pentecostalism, but we are past that; we talked about it.
They said the manifestation is something very quiet; yes, we talked about it.
The message guys said you don’t need to go on like that, shouting and dancing and being drunk; we spoke about it.
Message Pastors said we have the message. Br Branham said the Holy Ghost Token is a bigger gift than the Word of the message; we talked about it.
But now it is time to display that manifested Token. They go on like they have emotions they majoring on a minor. We have the Word; we talked about it.
Br Branham said in Egypt they had a prophet. They believed his message, they were circumcised, but they say if they didn’t have the Token they died when the Death Angel passed through the land.
We thank God we made sure before this time came, that we had, and have the Token.
We talked, we talked, we talked and we talked. But they never walked the talk.

Manifestation of the Token
For 40 years since 1964 when it was first preached and it poured out in EL Tabernacle in 1979 and it is still a manifestation TODAY. If this Coronavirus is the Death Angel than this Token should be here, long ago. By the grace of God and by the Divine leadership of God’s Apostle we’ve seen the manifestation around the world. Right in this hour, this very minute, when every two minutes somebody dies, we need the
manifestation of the Token, the Token must be displayed or the acting of the Token must be seen.

  • The Holy Ghost with emotions is the manifestation of the Token, We’ve seen it.
  • Drunk on the grapes is the manifestation of the Token, We’ve seen it.
  • Falling on the floor is the manifestation of the Token.
  • Speaking in tongues. is the manifestation of our Token.
  • Shouting, crying and dancing, is the manifestation of the Holy Ghost.
  • Living a Christian Life, is the manifestation of the Holy Ghost and it will lead us into the Word. By the grace of God, we’ve seen it lead us into the Word, it has been made manifest. It is a manifestation.
  • In Uncertain Sounds Br. Branham calls the manifestation Acting like Mary acted drunk in the upper room. If the people don’t act like that, no matter what the bishop say, if the people don’t act like that the bishop is wrong. But we thank God, in El Tabernacle that when the preacher preaches it, the people acted drunk. It is the manifestation of The Holy Ghost.
  • If God acts like this the first time, God has to act like that every time. God cannot change. We’ve see it and believe it that God is acting out like that since 1979 in EL Tabernacle.

How can we have the Holy Ghost revival when we are so bound and starchy; it is a deceived church by the

True EL Tabernalce members are safe
The Leadership of EL Tabernacle made sure that in this day of trial the true EL Tabernacle members are safe from the pestilence and the fowler/terror by night. My living is not in vain. We say why? The Holy
Ghost is the Token, and your price has been paid
, Br Branham said. Page 3 of Desperation. Just believe in this quote. The Holy Ghost is the Token that your price is paid.

52 Now, I believe that we’re living in the days that we’re…Or, otherwise, the days that we’re living in should cause the Church to go completely into desperation. I believe, since the message this morning from God, not me, I believe it ought to throw this entire congregation into desperation, that we have played long enough. We’ve went to church long enough. We got to do something.

63-0901E – Desperations
Rev. William Marrion Branham

Playing days are over. Playing with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost are over, it is all over. EL Tabernacle didn’t mess around with it, we liked it. Matthew 25: the foolish virgin lost it in the hour of the manifestation of it. We never played around with it.

Encouragement – Psalm 91
We want to encourage the believer today. You’ve stood for the right thing, you’ve believed the right thing
and that will stand for you.

Psalm 91:3 -7
3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence (Coronavirus).
4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night (fear in the earth now); nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
6 Nor for the pestilence that that walketh in darkness (the Token is prepared; it is displayed at 12 o’clock midnight it is standing there); nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
7 A thousand shall fall (with Coronavirus) at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand (we can see thousands around the world is falling, but our God will protect us through His Token which is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost); but it shall not come nigh thee (EL Tabernacle, it shall not come nigh thee, it cannot touch your soul, your soul is already saved).

We see how the President is asking everybody in this lockdown to pray. But how can we pray if the pestilence is here already. We should’ve prayed before the trial came; we should’ve prayed before the sickness came. But we pray that God may answer maybe their prayers, we don’t know. You can pray but without the Token your prayers will not work.

Numbers 23:9 
9 For from the top of the rocks I see him (EL Tabernacle, this part of the Bride), and from the
hills I behold him (EL Tabernacle): lo, the people shall dwell alone (for 21 days), and shall not be reckoned
among nations.

Let me die the death of the righteous, a true Token-bearer.
He shall bless the church of EL Tabernacle saying unto them for this 21 days. The priesthood is saying unto

The Lord Bless thee and keep thee for these 21 days.
The Lord makes His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee for these 21 days of the lockdown.
The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give each family peace in their homes for this 21 days.

Numbers 6:24-26

Samson knew that God’s promise was with him. He could achieve anything because of God’s promise was with him. He was persistent. And you EL Tabernacle may you become persistent and be perseverant. Be perseverant. Persevere that we will see one another after 21 days. Persevere.

In closing:
A word to you from the Priesthood of EL Tabernacle. Noah and his family were locked up alone in the ark. You are locked up alone with in the Word God and with the Token displayed. While you in the ark, though the judgements be raging outside, though the world be in despair, you persevere. You are locked in with God, you are in the ark. As long as you in the ark, the judgements will pass by. You will hear the screaming, you will hear about the death outside, but God have mercy on the family.

May God have mercy on each family in EL Tabernacle.

May God richly bless you. Greetings from your Apostle, he has labored for many years to prepare you for this hour. Pray for him, keep him in your prayers and I am sure you will see him soon in your house bringing the Word of God to your soul. May God richly bless you.

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  1. Phikolomzo Biongo says:

    Thank you Lord for watching Us in times like this. The only ministry that stand for the TOKEN EL Tabernacle.

  2. Sis Sindisiwe Mkhwanazi says:

    We are so greatful to the man of God we love and appreciate him together with the rest of The Roscoe Family thank you

  3. Peter Kabanda Lusanga says:

    Amen Amen

  4. frans murphy says:

    I want to know more about El Tabernacle and the Token.

  5. Sis Angeline says:

    Good morning Pastors brothers of EL,,,Its really a blessing for me and my family to Greet you in the Name Of Jesus Christ.
    We feed on the Word these past years that comes from the table of EL and we really want to thank all the ministers and our Apostel Edgar Hill Roscoe for being a Prophet and a Shepperd . Its totally not to reason about but to believe that we have God in our midst. We love you and really want to give thanks for giving us the space on this platform ,,,God Bless
    If it is possible can one of the deacons give us a call please?

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