Apostle Roscoe


Apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe

Apostle at EL Tabernacle Holy Ghost Ministry

EL Tabernacle the Ministry was not in planning from the start, there was no plans to have a Church, and neither through a desire to have an ecclesia; Apostle Roscoe says that he firmly believes that El Tabernacle was started and established by God because he (Apostle Roscoe) was alone in the beginning, the early years of the message.

Apostle Roscoe said; Having had the hands of the Prophet William Marrion Branham laid on me with the commission according to “A Prophet Visit’s South Africa P80”, I have travelled all over the world and have taken the Prophet’s message to many nations seeing the move of God’s Holy Spirit Manifested ”The gravity of the prophet’s commission “that, this boy will preach exactly what I preach” weighed so heavily on me and to-date I have spent more than 48years in the pulpit preaching exactly what William Marrion Branham preached.

“I (E.H.Roscoe) was the only Preacher at the beginning. Souls were added, my family, my wife’s family and others came in like Br Becket, etc. Then my brother and others had a dispute in their church, they asked me over, I managed to solve their problems and by the Grace of God they also came in (serve God with us).Then Brother George von Zeeberg came in (was added) after a few years, and when they started to serve with us, it was about the same time the church expressed the need to have a Pastor.


The Church members arranged for an election of a Pastor and voted, but I was not there, two more votes were conducted, I was absent and strange enough nobody was elected, the election was abandoned.

Brother von Zeeberg and Brother Theo Erasmus then told me that I am running away and that I am keeping God’s work back (hampering God’s work). It was then that I decided to attend the next election, by then Sister Esau and others already called me Pastor before the conclusion of the elections. When the result of the elections was announced, I was voted as the Pastor and that’s when the full force of EL Tabernacle started.”



A collection of various full length sermon video`s and clips of The Apostle from local services across the country and abroad.



"During another meeting in Johannesburg a young boy about seven or eight years old was called up in the prayer line. Brother Branham spoke to the boy for a few minutes explaining that the weak heart which he had was caused by demon oppression. He told him that he would be delivered and some day would be preaching the same Gospel that was now being brought to the people of South Africa."

A Prophet Visits South Africa ~ Pg 80

EL Tabernacle Holy Ghost Ministry